Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Devices
Laboratory   of   Advanced   Materials   and   Devices   (AMDeLab)   was   established      after   the merge   of Applied   Physics   Laboratory,   Optical   Characterization   Laboratory, Thermal Analysis Laboratory   and   Laboratory   for   Electrical/Magnetic   Characterization   and   micro/nano   devices design.   The   laboratory   was   created   with   a   vision   of   a   versatile   research   structure   oriented on   the   physicochemical   characterization   and   study   of   materials   and   devices.   AMDeLab belongs    to    the    Department    of    Physics,    Faculty    of    Sciences    in    Aristotle    University    of Thessaloniki. The research activities of AMDeLab are focused in the following fields: Growth and synthesis of advanced materials. Physicochemical characterization, study of materials and devices. Study of cultural heritage works. The   research   plan   of   AMDeLab   is   developed   in   direct   interaction   to   the   needs   of   the production   sector   from   local   economy,   taking   advantage   of   the   wide   possibilities   to   offer integrated    characterizations    and    studies    of    materials    and    devices    together    with    its partnership in competitive research programs. Staff   members   of   AMDeLab   also   cover   the   educational   and   the   research   activities   of   the Department   of   Physics,   as   well   as   other   departments   of Aristotle   University,   in   graduate   and postgraduate level in the fields falling into its scientific interests.
MATERIALS GROWTH CHARACTERIZATION Faculty of Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 University Campus, Thessaloniki +30 2310 998188 CONTACT CULTURAL HERITAGE